Houston Chronicle – “Street art is solidly blooming in Houston”

Tyler Kay (Instagram: @TylerKay)

Tyler Kay is a director at the Bisong Art Gallery in Houston and a student at the University of Houston’s master’s program.

Street Art: Tyler Kay at the HUE Mural Festival 2016 in Houston.

Lay said that her participation in HUE this year gave her the opportunity to create her first street art mural, although she produces murals and custom commissions.

“Primarily, street artists use spray paint, but I do brush work. I do it all with a two-inch brush.”

Kay’s mural for HUE can be found on the side of 1213 Maury St. Her inspiration comes from floral clusters. She enjoys the thought of painting something where it makes people take a moment out of their day to stop and look.

“We’re always caught up in the rush of our everyday,” Kay said. “I just think that people don’t take enough time to look at the beautiful things around, so if I have to put it on a 25-foot wall to get someone to stop, take a different route home, or just realize the beauty in our city, especially. I think that I’m doing good,” she said.

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