Native Texan Finishes Painting Mural in Downtown Waco

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WACO, Texas – Tyler Kay has been painting for almost 4 years and saw a great opportunity with the wall right down the street from the Magnolia Silos.

“It was just a big blank wall and I saw a great opportunity for a floral arrangement which also went with their branding of Savage Finds, I saw it in their logo so I thought it would be a good way to liven up the wall,” says the artist from Houston Tyler Kay.

She’s seen a lot of murals pop up in Waco and wants to showcase her work.

Kay adds “I really like how much this area has foot traffic, I think it is really a busingly city, and it’s really vibrant in the arts.”

After she is finished painting the flowers, she will add a quote.

“So a quote that is going to be embedded in the mural is ‘My Greatest Find’ so it kind of has a double play..we hope that couples will stand here and it would be a cute photo opportunity for couples, it will say “My Greatest Find” and then whenever you find something within Savage Finds you can come take a picture by the wall,” says Kay.

Kay enjoys traveling all over Texas to paint different murals.

The Houston artist adds “I really enjoy doing murals in different cities and connecting with different communities, being out here I get to meet a lot of the locals, I get to interact with some of the kids that come up and let them paint, and overall just build relationships with business owners and with different people around Texas.”

Sometime this year Kay will go back to her hometown and paint a mural in Downtown Houston.

Her art gallery there got flooded when Hurricane Harvey hit.

“Do a sunflower themed you know to just bring up the spirits of the community..everyone who was affected by Harvey,” Kay adds.

You can find Kay on South 6th Street as she works on her mural this weekend and during the week.