Tyler Kay Splashes into Art Alley

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Tyler Kay’s artwork isn’t new to Baytown, but her fresh ideas are. She will be one of the artists creating murals for the new Art Alley project that will also include a metal art piece that visitors can attach locks to.

Tyler said, “To me, art is healing, it’s connecting, and it’s inspiring. When a piece of art makes you feel something, I believe that’s where the magic is.”

It’s not just an artistic expression for Tyler. She has lived these words through challenging experiences in her life.

She said, “I was very creative as a child. I stopped creating in the 8th grade as I became more involved in sports. It wasn’t until I was a sophomore in college when I rediscovered my love for art.”

Unfortunately, it was the tragic death of her boyfriend Chris that brought her artistic abilities back into focus.

Tyler said, “His loss devastated me and turned my life upside down. I began thinking of my purpose in life and if I was living to my potential.”

That’s when Tyler changed her college major to art and took a part time job at Bisong Art Gallery. Little did anyone know that her art journey was just beginning.

After 11 years and more than 300 creations, Tyler’s work has been showcased in places around Houston and the Art Expo in New York City. While she enjoys working with paints on canvas, Tyler really enjoys creating murals like the ones she will be creating in Baytown.

Tyler said, “Public art can be a catalyst for community building, economic development, and creating a sense of space.”

She added, “I am honored to be included in this project so that residents and visitors can enjoy them. I believe that collectively, these pieces will make Baytown a top destination for fun photo walls to interact with.”

Tyler will be painting five murals that will range from a Texas shape filled with the Baytown experience to blue butterflies and even some heart balloons.

“The larger projects are more rewarding to me. I love standing in front of a work and it fully surrounds you. You almost feel like you’re inside the artwork,” she said.

Tyler will join fellow artists Shelbi Nicole and Whitney Hayden in creating murals in Art Alley beginning May 1. The big reveal will take place May 7.

While Tyler wants you to visit the new Art Alley, she hopes it will be an inspirational experience.

Tyler ended with, “I hope you live your life to its fullest potential and that you chase your dreams. Our time on Earth is so fragile and it’s up to you to leave your own legacy.”

You can see Tyler’s work at tyler-kay.com and on her social media pages.

Posted on August 23, 2023 at 9:41 AM by Trisa Parker